Marble or Granite Corner Shelves in your Tiled Shower

One of the big topics up for discussion when you're first planning out a tile shower is how you want the overall design to be and how you will be storing all of your shampoo bottles.  It could even blend in with a whole bathroom design because you may want to use the same color granite or quartz from you countertop to compliment some of the accessories in your shower.  This is commonly done and … [Read more...]

Adding a Decorative Banner to your Shower Walls

Adding mosaics to your tile shower can be as easy or difficult as you'd like... I'm finding that most folks want to keep a shower design simple and add that little extra splash with some mosaics.  Sometimes one strip or two and even in the back wall of the niche.  Additional bullnose, pencil trim etc... can be added to boarder the top and bottom, as well.  This part of the job turns out best when … [Read more...]

Helping your Parents with an Accessible Bathroom Project

I had some horrible news that one of my client's recently passed away and I ended up with a whirlwind of thoughts about that specific project... how it went and if I had to question my own self as a success or failure.  I know that I'm not a failure but to hear such bad news makes me take a step back because I go into every single job with an attitude that I am a catalyst of ultimate work that … [Read more...]

Installing a Pebble Shower Floor

Pebble shower floors are often overlooked and probably because you think it may be uncomfortable, hard to clean or slippery.  There are definitely some Pro's and Con's but overall it can be much more comfortable and therapeutic than what you think...  I can also depend on the type of pebbles you select for your floor.  A flat shaved pebble is pretty much just like a standard porcelain tile on a … [Read more...]

Cutting Tile for a nice fit in a Shower Replacement

Thought that I would show off a little bit of my handy work...  I'm actually proud of this photo from a few years ago because on a contractor forum I posted it up and got a huge response of "likes" for being the "money cut".  Just looking at it the other day got me thinking about how it's not really all that hard to do but mainly that's it's tedious work (shave a little off - re fit - shave some … [Read more...]

Avoiding Frozen Pipes and Emergency Leaks during Winter

Winter time is notorious for frozen pipes and water bursts if you're not careful.  In my daily path of travel, I see more garden hoses still hooked up to hose bibs than I can count.  Just know that's the first problem with emergency leaks in your home.  If your hose is still hooked up, the water will freeze and expand back through the hose faucet into the house.  The pipes will expand and burst … [Read more...]

3 Essentials For An Aging In Place Bathroom

First and foremost, I do have mixed feelings on this whole new trend on the internet with CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialists) and all these classes you have to take to be awesome at it.  I know there's a lot of facts and statistics that can be learned along with studying the human mind and all that stuff.  I do read quite a bit about it and know people that are way into it so it's a good … [Read more...]

Unclogging a Sink Drain with Guitar Strings…

Yeah... so at my own house, I have a "honey-do list" which involves finishing the basement that I started a few years ago, eventually a kitchen remodel, installing new flooring in the living room and mounds of other things that should get done sooner or later.  One of the things on the list is our bathroom sink that has been half clogged for some time now.  Since I do this kind of work for a … [Read more...]

Tile Top Shower Drain Gallery

Tile top shower drains are not necessarily a new product, however, I do enjoy installing them!  It just seems to bring a fully finished look to a custom built shower with really no added cost to a job.  As you can see in the above photo that our customer's dog, Lacey, enjoys it too :-)  Actually she was missing me after I was done with the job and they sent me that picture of her laying there … [Read more...]

Tile Showers: Preformed Pans VS. Mud Floor

This is a pretty simple discussion because I know how to do the best of both worlds like many other qualified tile contractors.  The problem occurs when a contractor has no idea how to do a mud floor... and watched an idiot proof video on youtube about how to install a Schluter Kerdi pan or something of the likes.  I honestly do not believe that one way or the other is necessarily quicker or … [Read more...]